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Providing the World's Crypto Miners the Ability to Easily Scale Their Equipment to Today's Market

Miners Warehouse specializes in helping you make the best crypto mining equipment buying and selling decisions available to you at any point in your mining career. We solve the logistics involved with selling, or buying large amounts of equipment and we help you get you the return on your investment in your equipment you expect. We function as a professional mining equipment broker for the sale or purchase of your large volume of acquisitions and liquidation of used and like new equipment assets.

We also offer to deal directly with our clients to buy and sell small quantity lots of equipment. Follow the links below to learn more about our services and see our listings for sales of equipment we have in inventory, or get a quote from us to buy right now!

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Mining Equipment Brokering

 Our personalized brokering service makes scaling your large mining operation with a 3rd party safe, secure, & efficient. If we can’t sell your equipment, you pay nothing.

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Buy Your Equipment From Us

Search our listings on our sales channels and buy your equipment directly from us. Rest assured with our exceptional reputation in this sometimes treacherous market.

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Sell your Equipment To us

Get an estimate for the value of your equipment and we may even quote you on the spot. Quickly flip your old hardware into working capital at competitive prices.

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Tell us more about what you have, or need and we’ll be in touch to start the process.

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Choose Your Option

We will communicate directly with you and help you decide between selling your gear directly to us or utilizing our brokerage options

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We Fulfill Your Order

We solve the logistics for shipping to, or from your facilities and take the risk out of your equipment deals.

Founded on Experience & Quality Customer Service

Mining Equipment Brokering

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“I’ve only had highly favorable experiences working with Pete at Miner’s Warehouse. He’s very well-connected, is diligent and efficient in finding what you need, has good judgment and a great attitude.” – Nick, Elecomo LLC
I’m Pete Richison and I started Miners Warehouse in early 2019 after identifying a need to help connect buyers and sellers of crypto mining equipment. Since 2017 and the big bull rush to $20,000 BTC, I’ve been immersed in the world of sourcing high performance equipment and building crypto mining rigs with the industry’s most prominent buyers and sellers.

Our trusted network of crypto miners worldwide helps us lead the way for working both as a seller and broker on deals around the globe and bring a huge cost savings service to you. More than this we believe it is our personalized service and our reputation for taking care of our clients that make us successful. The relationships that I form with my clients brings value to our business. I am happy to personally chat with anyone to learn about your experience with crypto, crypto mining or your hardware needs.

Mining Equipment Client Testimonials


“I have purchased gear through Miners Warehouse multiple times now and every time has been seamless with no issues. Miners ship on time and rarely have issues. For the few units that have been faulty, Pete is quick with getting a refund out. Pete is one of the best brokers to work with in the industry.”

Ryan Brienza, Zafra

“I’ve done deals with Pete across the whole spectrum in the mining industry – from hardware sales to hosting contracts. Every experience has been a pleasure, and if something were to go wrong, he is always there to rectify the situation. I would recommend Pete to anyone and I know I’ll be doing more business with him in the future.”

Jimmy Thommes, CEO Bit
Capita Group

“Pete and I have worked together for more than a year and he has always been extremely transparent, honest, humble and over delivers on his commitments. The space is full of unsavory folks and trust is hard to develop, but Pete has shown me that there are still a few honest people in the business. I trust him deeply now and consider him a business partner and a great friend. Whether I’m looking to buy or sell equipment, Pete is always hustling and finding me solid deals.”

“Pete has been fantastic and always good on his word.”

JL Zoeckler, Beard Miner

Where You’ll Find Our Deals

Miners Warehouse is Solving Logistics
Delivering Quality Mining Equipment Brands Worldwide


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Sell OR Buy!

For mining hardware you need to have liquidated, contact Miners Warehouse today. When you submit a listing with Miners Warehouse, we will either provide you a bid to buy your gear directly, or we can connect you with our reputable mining equipment broker services and search our network for buyers. We make sure we provide you the best option to make a profitable return on your investment.

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A Trusted Equipment Broker Can Make All the Difference in Your Mining Business

How your company transitions through a period of change in the crypto mining industry can depend on the reliable equipment partner you have in your broker and their ability to complete equipment changes on time and budget. Miners Warehouse is more than just an equipment reseller, we provide personalized customer service to meet your organizational needs. We prioritize your budget and your schedule to do our best to find you the equipment you need, when you need it.
  • Capitalize your unused equipment and turn it into cash or crypto
  • Realize a return on your investment by reselling your equipment
  • Have control and a partner in securing your mining equipment deals
  • Reduce headaches and overhead by doing it yourself; take advantage of our existing marketing channels

Seeking Used Miner Buyers?

Miners Warehouse could be the solution if you need a buyer, or a broker that will act on behalf of your business and find you a buyer. We can also make you an offer to buy your gear directly in which case we setup a simple agreement and arrange for shipping, pickup your gear and send you payment upon receipt and confirmation of expected quality. We make it easy and fast.

At Miners Warehouse, we buy used crypto mining systems as well as other gaming equipment and hardware used in mining operations at some of the best prices on the market. We want to be a leading resource for miners to find new and resell items and we want to put those resources back on the market.
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Providing excess or used mining gear to hardware liquidators like Miners Warehouse injects value back into a business’s operating capital and reduces costs related to the overall cost of ownership. You free up useable space and eliminate needless storage.

Experience new and exciting business opportunities working with one of the best B2B businesses in the industry for crypto mining equipment and hardware.

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