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We will manage the procurement or the liquidation and sale of your bulk mining equipment and hardware through our vast network covered by our brokerage service.

Professional Miners Use Professional Brokers.

One of the best choices you can make when you are planning a startup, an upgrade to new hardware, or the liquidation and decommission of a large crypto currency mining operation is choosing a trusted broker like Miners Warehouse to get you started

Our number one function is to connect buyers looking for the best deals on bulk mining equipment with those looking to sell it for the best price.
We provide one of the best features of working with a broker which is the peace of mind that both buyers and sellers in our worldwide network have been verified and we have the experience of working with our trusted partners for years.

Reasons Our Clients Work With Us:

My company has done several transactions with Miner's Warehouse in 2020 ranging from $1,000 to $60,000. I will give them my top rating for the following reasons:

  1. We received good prices for our merchandise.
  2. We were paid in full on a timely basis.
  3. Pete Richison is a good communicator.
  4. They were focused on our needs.
I was in the midst of liquidating a cryptocurrency farm when I met Miner’s Warehouse. I was selling all of my equipment on eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Facebook targeted advertising, Google Advertising and many other online sources. The bottom line is that we sold most of our merchandise through Miner’s Warehouse for the reasons listed above.

-Ed O.

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Learn What Return We Can Get You For Your Crypto Mining Equipment

Our reputation in the crypto industry is the only thing stronger than our network. We will find a trusted buyer looking for your mining equipment and we’ll help you get the value back out of your assets and lower your cost of ownership and storage.

We Are Your One Stop Shop For Large Liquidations

Take advantage of the ease of scaling your operation up, or down by liquidating entire racks of equipment at once. We only work in the crypto mining industry and we will find the right buyer for you. We’ll help you from the introduction to the shipping and our policy is we don’t get paid unless you do.

We can offer personalized help you won’t find elsewhere.

Get professional help from Miners Warehouse.
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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Operation By Working With a Professional Mining Broker

Downsizing, Liquidating, or Selling Your Mining Equipment You’ve Been Paying to Store?
Keeping your crypto mining equipment current with the latest available technology is always going to be a part of mining and the ever changing technology is always going to be a part of crypto currency. When it is time to make an upgrade and scale your mining equipment or downsize and increase your efficiency, let us help you factor in the resell value of your old equipment, hardware, or components by providing you a competitive no obligation estimate of the appraisal.

See what your equipment is worth today.

Our Clients Are Our Most Valuable Assets.
Let us help you with yours.

Chad Atkins:

I owned one of the largest crypto mining farms in the USA located near St Louis, Missouri. We needed to liquidate a large-scale operation which consisted of many thousands of GPUs, mining rigs, cables, motherboards, CPUs and much more. We had no idea where to even start or how to liquidate. That’s when we ran into Pete at Miners Warehouse, he asked us to take photos and get an inventory list together. Once we provided the information, Pete went to work and found a buyer for all our equipment! The entire transaction was super easy, we boxed up our stuff and palletized it, once it was palletized, Pete sent a trucking company to load it all up. A few days later, the delivery was made, inventory was verified and the money in escrow was released via wire transfer!

We are so happy we found Pete, because we had all this equipment in storage paying monthly storage fee and losing money every day from the devaluation of the equipment.
Thank you, Miners Warehouse, you saved the day! This was a very large transaction; tens of thousands of dollars and we were very happy with the deal!

Miners Warehouse is a
Bulk Mining Gear Broker

We are one of the Nation’s leading providers of mining equipment broker services that will take the client through the entire process from locating buyers and sellers, to assisting with logistics on large projects.

Contact us today and request a call from a Miners Warehouse professional that can walk you through your questions, or take your information about what you want to sell, or what you are looking to buy and we can get started finding your industry contacts worldwide. You can also email us with your request and provide us with the same information. Make sure to mark it “Want To Sell” (WTS) or “Want To Buy” (WTB) to speed up the process and get your estimate form matched dealers in our trusted network.

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